Ascension into the Cloud – Part 1

January 25th, 2011

We are working hard to add features, scalability and performance to  Our goal for 2011 is to release an updated version of our hosted software every month! January’s release will go live towards the end of this month and will contain a lot of features and updates for our Fuel Mileage Pro version which enables the mileage tracking and service tracking modules. If your interested in evaluating either module or just want more information click here and complete the form so we can enable these modules for your existing account.

With the new features and functionality our site is offering we have decided that our current hosting solution isn’t going to give our users the experience they want and deserve. We have been researching multiple solutions over the last month and have decided that we are moving our service into the cloud,  the Amazon cloud to be specific. We will be utilizing Amazons Ec2 cloud server product while leveraging Scalr’s platform to bring enhanced reliability and scalability to our site/service. Over the next month we will be migrating everything over to the new platform.

What does this means to all of our members? You will notice the speed of our website, mobile site, iPhone app ( yes its coming in February) and Android app increase significantly. It also means as we grow our user base you won’t see a decrease in speed and performance.

I will be posting updates throughout the month so check back later for more  information as we assend into the cloud.



CEO / Co-Founder / Developer – Version 2.0 Released!

September 15th, 2010

We have been working hard over the last 3-4 months on version 2.0. This morning we relased it. You will notice some pages have changed and we have added new functionality. Lets go through some of the new funtionality. First, we changed the landing page once your logged in. You will see more user vehicles and vehicle pictures. You can click on any of the images to see an overview of the vehicle and all the fillups.

Second feature in this version is the ability to add users to your account! You have a new tab called “Manage Users”. From this page you can see a brief overview of all the users that you created with respect to fuel mileage. You can also create new users from this page as well. Be sure to select the option “Email Account Details” when creating a new user if you want us to send them the details to their email.

Third major feature we added is custom reporting. Go to the “My Reports” section and you will see under the “Predefined” reports section their is a new section for custom reporting. You now have the ability to run custom reports based on report type, vehicle and/or date range.

Our mobile site and android app were updated as well. We added additional options that can be used to manage your vehicles. Additionally both the tracking website and the mobile verison are now 256bit encrypted. Notice the https:// in the link once you log on.

We also re-designed our database structure to support new features we hope to release in the coming months. Service reminders and mileage tracking for 1099 contractors are in the works.

Thanks for using our site and feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!




Fuel Mileage Android App Get It Now!

June 23rd, 2010

Simple addition of fillups. We kept it simple to add fillups on the go! Just a few clicks and you’re on your way.
Downloading our FREE Android app, and adding a home screen shortcut is the quickest and easiest way to access our site and add fillups on your Android!
Our app uses state of the art technology to enable location aware addition of fillups, without draining your battery!
Your fillup is automatically mapped on our homepage the second you add your fillup!
You now have the option after you add your fillup to share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter!
Our new app completely replaces our existing app on the market. No more just opening our site in the browser!(You can remove our existing app from your phone)
To download our app you can: Scan the Barcode Below, search the android market for “fuel mileage” or go to on your android phone and click the “Get The New Android App”.